A charming portrait of a girl, her doll in her arms. A surprisingly modern and sketchy execution, a forerunner to the fauvist movement. Paris 1899. Oil on canvas mounted on canvas (canvas restored) . The paint layer is in excellent condition, no restorations or retouches visible under UV / IR or grazing light. Set in a vintage frame with normal wear. The size is 49 x 60 cm; with the frame 56 x 67 cm. Unsigned (normal for the painter whose works were for the most part signed by a friend or by his wife after his death). The picture is annotated by a third party at the bottom right, certainly posthumously: Evenepoel Del. followed by other illegible scribbles (this "signature" does not seek to imitate that of the author) ''Delineavit'' in Latin meaning '' drew '', formally designating the author of a composition ( abbreviated form del.).

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