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©®™ Important bona fide statement on copyright and possible trademark

The siteowner, acting as a private individual that proposes for sale unique items stemming from his personal collection, considers the publication in this outspoken ephemeral medium, of his own photographs, or of choice pictures or quotes originating from third parties, depicting and describing a possibly copyrighted creation, including the collateral and incidental reproduction of possibly proprietary names, word combinations, signs and symbols, as "Fair use", in respect of international copyright and trademark law (deutsche Entsprechung in der Schrankenregelung des Urheberrechtsgesetzes; équivalent francais dans l’article L.122-5 du code de la propriété intellectuelle - CPI); the inclusion of these images showing these creations in part or in full, with or without setting, as well as the unavoidable apparition of these marks, being indispensable to the commentary on the respective sales. In this, the seller only perpetuates universal and common practice of tolerated use. Any right-holder having issues with the publications on this site is asked to contact us so that we can take all necessary rectifying action.

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