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Collecting the MODERN MOVEMENT - an eclectic journey across a revolutionary period



Our chosen period 1860-1960 followed closely upon the centenary of the first industrial revolution; that unique turning point in western civilisation that brought unprecedented change to our ways of thinking, living and behaving.

Our period's early phase was no doubt one of excitement and hope. The  ongoing revolutionary mood intensified and new ideas stirred unrest, overturned beliefs and uprooted patterns. However, soon the world would spiral into confusion, as new mindsets and sober pragmatism forced tabula rasa onto a shattered past.

Throughout those changing times the visual arts never stopped pushing boundaries. Early tentatives to depart from conventional imagery, from documentary and idealism, matured and morphed into unabashed artistic licence. The steady evolution towards the abstract and the conceptual was inevitable, albeit seldom linear...

From Turner's avant la lettre impressionism to Fontana's spatialism, the covered distance became large and once beyond, the outcome certain. Lack of formal artistic training, denigration of classical aesthetics, inadequacy of contextualisation, banality of materials, haphazard execution... all contributed to an ultimate post-war art where the mantra became novelty for novelty's sake, and anything goes.

The final and most emancipated phase of the modern movement got its energy from the heightened creative challenge coming from a still universally shared medium, spatially limited and practically exhausted as to expressiveness and subject matter. In ultimately abandoning the flat, two-dimensional surface and the familiar rectangular framework, the critical rein loosened and modern painting vanished in the upheaval of the 1970's. Art's rising conceptualism brought not only a natural end to the modern era, but also to three centuries of easel painting.

The modern movement in painting is a closed chapter. While it lasted, it grew into a vast panoply of images bearing witness to the forces that transformed the world, obscured the past and shaped our present. Collecting the pictorial legacy of the period 1860-1960 is exploring a remarkable richness in personal take on that "limited rectangle"; that familiar form so fittingly seen as a "window to the soul", curiously and simultaneously allowing for both outward and inward vision.

Kazimir Malevich* Black Square (1915)

Lucio Fontana* Concetto spaziale (1964)


Know that I'm not an art dealer but simply - and since more than 30 years now - an inveterate and passionate art collector. All proposed items stem from reputable and trustworthy sources and were private or public acquisitions in an on-going and consistently pursued art collecting activity. They represent just a sampling of an extensive private collection that took root in-between the two wars and that is still actively added to today. Most of the art on sale here has been with me for years and the sole reason for selling these pieces today is to enable purchases of new and exciting items... as every collector knows, collecting is also refining, and thus inevitably selling...

This venue takes advantage of the facilities of interaction that the digital age has brought us. It's stimulated by the buoyant idea of networking.

While we were somewhat forced in the past to use the intermediary of "the art professionals”, these middlemen whose own subtle art is to make money on our obsessions, it seems today more and more evident to encourage and develop direct contact between collectors.

Art can't be money and money can't be Art, irrespective of what some contemporary artists want us to believe! For any true collector, investment potential simply isn't the primus motor for action and money issues will always be secondary to the Art itself.

So let’s concentrate on Art here, that true cornerstone of humanity, and on all what Art brings us. Let us share Art, trade Art, discuss Art and let us be blissful...



The Artdealer by Amadeo M.*

private collector

Accumulated experience on the international art market:
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secondary market, modern painting and drawing, some sculpture, some old masters... Favourite movements: the Fauves, the Symbolists, the German Expressionists, the New York School... If you want to sell or swap your own quality art, don't hesitate to get in touch.
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